God began to speak to Atubo George about partnership in 2012.


God began to speak to Atubo George about partnership in 2012. Having spent quality time to understand what and how God wants it done; now is the time to begin to do what the lord wants. Partnership to us is the core of this ministry and it is anchored in Philippians 1:27.
The main purpose of our partnership therefore is that we strive together; you and us, to keep the real faith of the gospel of Jesus Christ alive. It is a platform where friends join hands with only one focus; that the faith of the gospel will be manifest and glorified on the earth.
We believe that there are those who God has called us to and called to us and our duty as we come together is to stand with each other and believe for one another; we believing that God’s dream for your life will be made manifest and you believing same for us. As we support one another, there is no stopping what God will do in our lives to bring praise and glory to His name.
So take time to pray about this; if God has called you to partner with us, do not hesitate to come on board, we are eagerly waiting for you and we are so ready to serve you.


These are our responsibilities toward those who choose to partner with us

  • 1. Partnership is not based on money.
    Even though money is an important part of spreading the gospel, we do not base our partnership on money alone; rather, we are more concerned about joining faith with each other so God will fulfill His vision in our lives and on the earth.
  • 2. We are good stewards of any gift.
    Atubo and Gloria George have dedicated their lives to the gospel of Jesus; living by biblical principles. So our stewardship is first to God. We have made a commitment to God to use every money given for the purpose for which it is given and also to tithe into other ministries every money received as the lord directs us.
  • 3. We pray for you every day.
    On a daily basis, Atubo and Gloria George pray for their partners, most especially we pray Psalm 103:1-5for them that they always enjoy all the benefits the lord loads us with daily. Not only do we pray, we take our time to release our faith for answered prayers by expecting a miracle daily for our partners.
  • 4. You will hear from us.
    Everyday, Atubo and Gloria George sends out inspired teachings as they receive daily from the Lord and their testimonies too; you will always receive these messages to boost your day.


These are your responsibilities to us a our partner

  • 1. Believe in our message.
    Atubo George is called to teach the body of Christ and He spends his time searching depths of every truth and receiving wisdom from the Lord concerning them, these truths are what we share, in our meetings, bulletins and media broadcast. As partners we expect you to receive the message and believe in it as the Holy Spirit enlightens you.
  • 2. Help to share the message.
    The purpose of the gospel Jesus has given to us is that it gets to the ends of the world, this you will help us do as a partner by understanding, preaching, rebroadcasting or supporting with your money that the message be preached. We are on a mission to demonstrate God’s love and we will not stop until everyone we reach understands or witnesses that GOD IS LOVE.
  • 3. Share with us your victories.
    The message we share is backed up by the supernatural power of God and it works, as we share it, we always release our faith with it that you will see the result of the word and as you receive testimonies, we will like to hear from you as that will encourage us and those to whom we will share it with. Please understand that your private information with us will be kept private.